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Eject a Stuck CD/DVD On Mac

It may happen. For various reasons, sometimes CDs /DVDs get stuck inside the optical drive of Mac. And the they don't get out easily and worse, eject button won't work.

You have several solutions given below.

1. Restart the Mac and, before the Apple logo appears or the chime sounds, press and hold the mouse or trackpad button. Within seconds the disc should come out, and you can release the mouse button.

2. Try the eject button on your keyboard.

3. Drag its icon to the Trash in the Dock or select 'Eject' from the File menu if the disc is showings on the desktop.

4. Open Disk Utility and select the disc you want to eject in the left-hand pane, then click on the Eject button.

5. Try ejecting from iTunes.

6. Open Terminal and type "drutil tray eject".

The disc should come out. If the disc is still stuck inside, you will have to take it to nearest Apple Care.

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