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See the iTunes Track in the Dock On Mac

We can see the current iTunes track in the Dock in a pop up. To do this we have to tweak the Dock a little.

1. First quit iTunes if it’s open.

2. Then open a Terminal window (Finder->Applications->Utilities->Terminal).

3. Type the following:

        defaults write itunes-notifications -bool TRUE;killall Dock

4. Then start iTunes and play a track. The pop-up will fades away after a few seconds.

5. To add the iTunes icon to the pop-up window, type the following into a Terminal window:

       defaults write notification-always-show-image -bool TRUE;killall Dock

6. To deactivate, quit iTunes, then open a Terminal window and type the following two lines:

       defaults delete itunes-notifications 

      defaults delete notification-always-show-image;killall Dock

Note : This will only in Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

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