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How To Keep Your Mac Safe

Now a day, more people are getting Apple MacBook laptops worth thousands of dollars. And laptop heft is also in rise. If ever any Mac laptop is lost or stolen, then we can easily track and recover it only if few steps were taken earlier. I am discussing some apps we can use to keep our Macs more secure.
Prey is a free app that is available for Macs, Windows and Linux PCs, iOS and Android devices. With this, you can add 3 devices to your account and get 10 reports. Once you install, it will ask you for a Prey account. If you do not have one, then you can create one and if you have then just log in. It will access your device information such as brand, BIOS, processor, operating system, RAM and other few information and keep them in the dashboard. You can set the devices status from OK to Missing, if you lost it. You will get your device geo-location with Network information, screenshot via webcam and much more. You can ring an alarm, erase or lock your computer.
You can go for Prey Pro which includes five subscription plans. You can have Personal ($5/pm), Home($15/pm), Plus($39/pm), Premium($99/pm) and Max($399/pm). You can also buy annual subscription with some discount. The Pro plan has some benefits such as more devices, more reports, Prey Active Mode, On demand report
Undercover from Orbicule is one of the oldest Mac security app. It does not come free. It also has the same functionality as Prey. Once installed, it quietly starts tracking your Mac. Once you list it as stolen, it swung into action. If your Mac connects to internet, it’s IP address is tracked and reported to Orbicule. You can use it to find it’s location.
If your Mac is lost or stolen, you have to report it to the Undercover team with a Undercover ID, your Name and Email. The app takes screenshot of the thief via iSight camera if the computer comes online and also help to report to police. It may happen that, your Mac may not come online. And here Undercover’s shines. It simulates a hardware failure so the thief would have no option to take to the Apple Care. If Undercover finds it’s a Apple Care center, it displays your contact information on the laptop screen and also tells that it is a stolen laptop.
Undercover costs $49 for a single Mac and a Household license will set you back by $59 which will cover 5 Macs in account.
iCloud is a free service provided by Apple which is available with Mac OS X 10.8.2 onwards. First you have to tick the option “Find My Mac” under iCloud options in your Mail, Contacts & Calendars preference pane of your System Preference on Mac. On, you will find your all your devices listed under My Devices. It will show it’s current location in a map. You can lock, erase your Mac or play a sound.
If you have not used any of the methods specified above, then you should chose one immediately. A lost Mac means, all your data gone and nobody wants it. So better prepared.

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