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Install Mac OS X Yosemite Beta on VirtualBox

NOTE: This tutorial is only for Parallels Desktop users who are stuck at boot screen when installing Yosemite.

Since the OS X Yosemite public beta is out, many of us are eager to try it out. It has whole new interface and other new features. Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac has no support for this new OS. If you install it over Mavericks, you will be stuck at boot screen. But I will show you a simple solution of this. You can use VirtualBox to try Yosemite.

First of all go to Parallels VM folder and go to the Mavericks VM by right clicking it. Within that folder you will find Mac OS X.hdd. Right click and go inside it. You will find a file with extension .hds. Copy it to any other place and change the extension to .hdd.

OS X Yosemite installing

After installation

First screen after completing installation

When creating a new VM with VirtualBox, select "Use existing hard disk" when creating a new hard drive. When you finish creating the VM, start the virtual machine. After showing some errors, it will boot into Mavericks. You can install Yosemite within Mavericks.

You can increase the VRAM to 128 MB and enable 3D acceleration. The screen will be locked to 1024x768. But you can increase it by installing VB guest additions.

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