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Best Plugins For Safari

When you use Safari as your primary browser, you must take the advantage of some essential plugins or extensions. They greatly enhance the power of Safari. Here I will discuss some notable plugins which are great for day to day use.

1. AdBlock (Free)

Almost everyone wants to get rid of annoying ads. They take valuable space and bandwidth. They even downloaded first when you open a web page. Here AdBlock comes to rescue. It blocks all the annoying ads without compromising the readability of the webpage. It is very customisable. If you want to unblock ads on a webpage or a specific domain, you can do that too.

Get it here : Adblock

2. 1Password (Free)

For those who want more features than Keychain Access, 1Password is a must have. It integrates with your browser to fill identity information, credit card details and passwords. It also helps you generate strong passwords. This extension requires 1Password 4 or later for Mac.

Get plugin here : 1Password
Get the Mac app here : 

3. Save to Pocket (Free)

Pocket is a extension of the popular iOS and macOS app Pocket. It lets you save and sync webpages with iOS and OS X app, so that you can read it later. If you are in a hurry, then it's must have.

Get it here : Pocket

4. TranslateMe for Safari ($9.99)

Those of us who don't want use Google Chrome and want it's awesome quick translate page feature will appreciate this plugin. You can translate an entire page or translate a word or sentence or a paragraph. It supports keyboard shortcuts too. It requires macOS 10.13.

5. Cleaner - For Facebook (Free)

When you open your Facebook page, the page is filled with ads, sponsored posts, recommendations, trends, tickers and lot more. This plugins removes all of the, You can customise what to remove. It's very useful for Facebook users.

Get it here : Cleaner

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