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How To Disable Gatekeeper in macOS Mojave

Gatekeeper was introduced in Mac OS X Mountain Lion to protect Mac from malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from Internet. It introduced three options in the General tab of Security and Privacy pane. These as to  allow apps downloaded from 1. Mac App Store, 2. Mac App Store and Identified Developers and 3. Anywhere. These above three were the options until El Capitan. Since Sierra, Apple removed the third option leaving people getting apps from Mac App Store and other identified developers. This method is applicable to Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

But there is a command to get the option back. Follow the command below to use the feature on and off.

Open Terminal. Run the below command to get the option back.
sudo spctl --master-disable

Run the below command to restore to original.
sudo spctl --master-enable

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