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Dynamic Wallpapers Similar in Mojave on macOS El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra

The macOS Mojave introduced a new desktop wallpaper mode called Dynamic Desktop. It looks and works fantastic. But you have a Mac that does not support Mojave or you don't want to run Mojave and still want that Dynamic Desktop, then you have good news. There is an application called "24 Hour Wallpaper". It works on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.

This application contains 58 wallpaper sequences with 5K resolution which change according to time. Each sequence has 30 images. The locations are from all over the world and even from NASA. The application will download most appropriate resolution for your Mac for better sharpness. For retina Macs, it will download 3K or 4K wallpapers whereas for iMac 5K, it will get 5K images.

By default, the application uses your current location time, but you can manually select other time zone or sunrise, sunset time. You can even shuffle the images to get different images in 24 hours. This application takes the Dynamic Desktop in Mojave to next level with few features exclusive to Mojave. It also add new panel in Settings. Get it from the Mac App Store for $6.99.

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